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Gates Youth Soccer Application for Risk Management

Gates Youth Soccer Risk Management Form


Thank you for your interest in volunteering with Gates Youth Soccer. Coaches, assistants, team staff, managers, and all volunteers are required to complete a risk management profile and comply with a background screening assessment for the safety of club members, and for the club's insurance purposes. This is protection for you too.  For detailed legal information regarding the New York State West Youth Soccer Association policy for risk management, you may refer to the following link. Otherwise, please continue with the next section.

Risk Management Background Check Policy

Detailed legal information regarding the risk management requirement

Risk management continued...

Acquiring a risk management pass is a process requiring multiple steps and beginning with this form. If you have specific questions or concerns related to risk management or your participation with Gates Youth Soccer, then please contact us before proceeding.

This form is not the background screening application. This form is the initial application to create a profile in the NYSWYSA system. Please submit only legal names and addresses to identify candidate for Risk Management assessment This information should match what might appear in the candidate's  drivers license or a passport, and should also match what is later submitted to the background screening application. The background screening application is the second step in acquiring a risk management pass. 

The creation of the candidate's profile in NYSWYSA is a manual process, and you should expect some delay in processing the initial application and before you receive a response with information, including a payment code, for you to proceed with the background screening application. You will receive an automated response to this initial form only to indicate we have received your data. Please continue to monitor your email for a response from us with additional instruction to complete he background screening application.


Background Screening Information

The background screening application is separate. In the background screening application you must upload a picture of yourself for identification purposes. The picture should be similar to one that would appear on a typical ID card (passport, driver's license, etc). Please carefully follow the instructions and guidelines in the background screening application. Incomplete information will be rejected and no risk management pass will be issued.


Also note, you will have to complete an online training certificate from Abuse Prevention Systems in order to obtain a Risk Management pass. This training requirement will appear in the process of completing the background screening application. If you do not complete the online APS training, then no risk management pass will be issued. You must also complete a short certificate course on concussion awareness training and head injury prevention. This is offered by the CDC.  In order to show completion of the required CDC training you must upload your CDC issued certificate into the Risk Management application. 


For more information about the Risk Management requirements, please refer to the website.

Follow ups for the background screening application

Note that at some time during the background screening, in the days that follow your application submission, you may receive email correspondence or a phone call from Southeastern Security Consultants, Inc. (SSCI).  The email or call can be from a Verification Specialist or a licensed Private Investigator asking you to physically call the SSCI offices in Marietta, GA for additional information. They will NOT ask for sensitive data such as SSNs and DOBs by email. Do NOT send private data over email in lieu of a phone call.

This call can be for any number of reasons but is most commonly attributed to the use of monikers, or other name variants (IE: Using Joe instead of Joseph or TJ for Timothy John, etc.). This is a background investigation and applicants should be using their legal names. Not doing so causes delays. The second most common reason is for typographical errors in SSNs, DOBs, and addresses. 


Questions may be addressed to the following email

Gates Youth Soccer Risk Management Coordinator